August 2022

Henley Probus Club: August 2022 Photo copyright Nigel (Gin) Balchin

The 476th Meeting was held at Badgemore Park on 9th August 2022.

The Chairman, Viv Emerson, welcomed everyone and reports were made by the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The speaker was Tim Woods, an elder statesman within the Club, who started his talk by recalling how he remembered his childhood as part of the WW2 blitz and how, after the war ended, he took a job, without any educational qualifications, with the Kodak Company.

He quicky became disillusioned with his first position in industry, sought advice and in 1951 joined the Royal Air Force at RAF Finningley in Yorkshire (Tim described it as ‘old ‘RAF’); he was attached to the Air Crew Wing where he started learning and developing basic Flying and Navigational skills. Tim then described, with a significant amount of humour, his experiences flying a range of aircraft and missions around the world. His initial flying and navigational training took place in a de Haviland Chipmunk aircraft after which he had varied roles in the Meteor 4(reconnaissance), Meteor 10 and F4 Phantom. After Tim left the RAF he became a commercial aircraft pilot.

The Chairman and the Club members expressed their thanks to Tim for his talk.