January 2023

The 481st Meeting was held at Badgemore Park on 10th January 2023.

The Chairman welcomed the guest speaker and visiting guests to the meeting. Reports were provided to the meeting by the Chairman, Treasurer and Fellowship Secretary.

Henley Probus Club: Henley Herald
Photo copyright Nigel Balchin

The guest speaker was Michaela Clarke of the Henley Herald:

  • Michaela opened her presentation by advising that the Henley Herald, which she set up and owns, would be 10 years old this month.
  • Michaela has lived in Henley for 30 years and she set up the news website to cover the town of Henley-on-Thames. The news website provides rolling news and is updated daily (Monday to Friday) with typically 5 updates per day, and there are regular updates on selected items.
  • Michaela took the meeting through the entirety of the Henley Herald website with a slide presentation covering aspects such as Top Stories, Highlighted News, Sponsorship, Community and went on to discuss the relationship of working in partnership with local businesses, the sponsors, and her freelance reporters.

The Chairman thanked Michaela for the presentation which was warmly appreciated by the members.

The Chairman then closed the formal meeting and the members then gathered for drinks followed by lunch.