Hay Fever without sneezes

Henley Probus enjoys Hay Fever

In March 2023 over 25 club members and friends went to see a superb production of Noel Coward’s classic play ‘Hay Fever’. The setting was a country house in Cookham in the 1920s with lively householders and visitors creating at times chaotic scenes, which made a fascinating and really amusing play. ‘You can see Marlow out of that window’ made it seem quite a local play to us from Henley.

The theatre performances at the Sonning Mill theatre are wonderful and by booking early we get excellent seats, with a tasty meal before the performance at tables reserved for our club members. Those of us who were in the front rows of a recent performance were really close to the action during ‘Singing in the Rain’ spending some of the interval time drying off from the (fairly wet) rain.