March 2024 (495)

The 495th meeting of the Club was held at Badgemore Park Golf Club on Tuesday 12th March2024.

The RAF @ Henley Men's Probus Club in March 2024. Photo copyright Henley Men's Probus Club.

The Chairman introduced 1 new member to the Club; the Chairman also confirmed that arrangements have now been finalised for the Club’s 500th meeting on August 13th and this will be held at the Henley business School, Greenlands.

The Treasurer updated the members on the Club’s finances providing information of the financial situation to date together with the charity collection status which it is intended will be distributed in June according to the recipients agreed by the Club members at the forthcoming (May) Annual General Meeting.

This was followed by updates on the forthcoming social events and Speakers that are planned for 2024 – at the April meeting the speaker will be Professor Dan Remenyi who will talk on ‘Getting Useful Results from AI – Chatbots”.

The Chairman then introduced Tim Woods, a member of Henley Probus Club who gave a talk on his early days in the Royal Air Force. Tim joined the RAF in 1951 with the objective of becoming a pilot; his initial training qualified him to fly Chipmunk aircraft and Tim described his early experiences on this aircraft. He then moved on to fly the English Electric Canberra which gave him worldwide experiences (e.g. US, Egypt, Hawaii, Christmas Island) including witnessing, first hand , the first H Bomb explosion.

The talk concluded with thanks and a very warm message of appreciation from all members of the club.

The Chairman then closed the formal meeting and the members gathered for drinks followed by lunch.